How to become a plus-sized model

How to become a plus-sized model

How to become a plus-sized model
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    • March 08, 2022
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If you believe that all models have to be stick-thin, angular, possibly even androgynous, prepare to be shocked; those ideas couldn't be further from the truth.

The fact is, the fashion industry requires all sorts of models for all kinds of purposes. Yes, the vast majority of models fit the stereotype, but there are thousands of businesses that target larger, older, younger, or even smaller clients, and, just like any other, these businesses also need suitable models to advertise their wear.

Curvy Tabria Majors andthe vintage style. - Plus Size Models
Become a plus-sized model

As there are no standard size criteria defining what makes a plus-size model, it is impossible to specify exact measurements that would qualify an individual for this category. The best way to figure out if you could be a plus-size model is to read the article, then get out there and market yourself. Good luck!

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