The man behind the mask

The man behind the mask

I am Tayo

This is the landing page and the entry point to all my websites/offerings. From here, you can visit:

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Tayo: Human

I, Human

Despite what some nasty people might say about me, I am in fact human.

Yes, it is true; on rare occasions, you can catch me suggesting some pretty severe solutions to various problems. (In my defence, I’m only trying to help.)

On those few occasions I am vexed, I might mutter dark imprecations under my breath (à la Muttley of Dastardly and Muttley fame), or regret aloud that it is illegal to employ a cricket bat to help explain certain things which I passionately wish to make clear to an errant somebody, but all this is pretty mild and surely doesn’t warrant the questioning of my humanity.

I wonder sometimes if I attract opprobrium because I’m a blue-sky thinker, coming up with odd perspectives that can take the unwary aback? For example, I once suggested that if people get lonely over Christmas, then, instead of asking the rest of us to go out of our way to befriend them, why don’t they simply get in touch with one another? But no, apparently that was unfeeling and inhumane. Sigh.

For a bit of a natter and to shoot-the-breeze in matters arising of both great and little consequence, have a look around and convince yourself that indeed, Tayo is Human.

Tayo: Writer & Blogger

All three of my parents had a natural bent for writing. Yes, you heard me. Three. That’s a story I’m prepared to tell elsewhere, but for now, let’s not get distracted.

Sometimes it makes me wonder

The fact is, I write well.

I’ve written several hundred articles and blogs, and the Internet is literally strewn with my stuff. Unfortunately, I have predominantly worked as a ghostwriter, meaning that most of my work appears under the names of those who paid for the privilege of putting their moniker on my work!

Sigh. Such is life.

Never mind. I have created a portfolio of my work which you can easily peruse and see for yourself that Tayo-the-Writer really does know his stuff and you could do worse–much worse–than hire him to create well-written content for you; everything from articles and blogs to emails, brochures, press releases, letters to the editor, and even resumes.

You’ll find working with me a doddle because I am client-friendly and I go the extra mile to ensure that my customers are always satisfied with my work. Under-promise, but over-deliver, that’s my motto, guiding principle, and rigid motto.

Is this all bloviate? Am I trying to pull the wool over your eyes? Well, to find out, you’ll just have to visit Tayo, the Writer, by following this link: I, Tayo: Writer & Blogger, won’t you?

Tayo: English Language Tutor

English tutor: what do you mean your essay isn't ready?

It pains me to hear, “The weather is less cool today than it was yesterday.”

It hurts my ears to be told, “The amount of people who exercise regularly is low.”

I feel positively nauseous to receive the report, “They sent my husband and I to the wrong ward!” (“I’m not surprised,” I think to myself. I too would have sent you both to the Accidents and Emergency department for an English language triage.)

Would you like to improve your spoken or written English without having to pay for the privilege? No problem! Visit my website: I, Tayo: English Language Tutor.

Tayo: Podcaster

I have a lot to say, and sometimes, it is too much for the written word. So I podcast to allow me to get it all off my chest.

The TNT Talk Show is a podcast I record with my friend and colleague, Tony Fasulo. It’s a talk show which focuses on answering controversial questions. We’re hoping to make the show highly interactive by inviting participation from members of the audience. If you enjoy controversy and heated argument, you’ll find a happy home here.

black podcaster

If strife and debate aren’t your cup of tea, then you may be interested in my personal podcast, Things That Will Do Your Head In, in which I discuss curious, outlandish and exciting facts, stories and ideas. For example, have you ever heard of the Mandela Effect?

The Mandela Effect is when many people remember something which did not happen. Some say it is a false memory; others claim that the universe plays tricks on us and the memories are correct. Confused?
Don’t be.
Visit me: I, Tayo: Podcaster.

Tayo: IT Contractor

Permanent staff think that the life of a contractor is one of champagne, fast cars and loose women. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

All contractors are lazy thieves

What’s loose in the life of an IT contractor is his bowels and champagne is the colour his hotel carpets. Many times, the carpets are so weirdly stained I don’t even walk barefoot on them.

Want the lowdown on what really goes on in an IT contractor’s life? Visit my website: I, Tayo: IT Contractor to find out. Bring a hanky with you.

Tayo at NextGen Computer Technologies

This is the landing page of my extended website. My company website is located here: NextGen Computer Technologies Ltd. If you’re minded to, you can visit the “IT manger/software developer” Tayo here: Tayo@NextGen. You’ll find a warm welcome, although a far more serious fellow.

Tayo: Reincarnation Researcher (the Death Studies Guy)

Death Studies

I can hear your brain ticking over. “Oh, come on Tayo! What the heck are ‘Death Studies'”?

Well, to keep a long story short, some children know things they shouldn’t. Generally, the children are aged between two and five when they to say things like: “Remember when I was your mummy and I used to do this [change nappies] for you?” or, “I hate him! He killed me and buried me in the forest.”

There are lots of cases, but in my opinion, many are so badly investigated that I’ve decided I need to get involved and conduct some primary research myself. If you want it done right…

By the way, I don’t believe in ghosts, so it’s not going to be that sort of a website. Besides, ghosts scare me! Therefore, dip in a tremulous toe and let’s explore… ? dum, dum, dum ?—death.
Ooh, scary. Visit my Death Studies Guy website here: I, Tayo: the Death Studies Guy.

Tayo: Public Speaker and Toastmaster

I attended my first ever Toastmasters evening because I wanted to get out of the house and away from my beloved TV. Yes, Korean romantic television dramas are a delightful guilty pleasure. There comes a time, however, when it is better to do than just watch. I was pleasantly surprised.

I received a warm welcome—which I know now to be standard procedure. Furthermore, on that very first visit, I got up and give a short speech called a ‘table topic’. Strangely, even though normally I am comfortable in front of an audience, on this occasion my nerves were all a-jangle and I’m sure I shook from head to toe, but I received a warm ovation and won a ribbon! I was hooked.


As it does, time has passed and now I only feel slightly nervy is when I am giving an impromptu speech. However, I have gained sufficient presence of mind to concentrate on presentation, stage presence, and on vocal delivery. That’s a long way from ‘Day One’ and is a fine example of what Toastmasters can do for a person’s self-confidence. Visit my website I, Tayo: Toastmaster to learn more about this fine organisation and my continuing journey in it.

As mentioned above, I am a public speaker also, delivering speeches on a wide range of topics with a focus on entertainment and education. Many of my speeches are linked to subject matter I have covered in my podcast, “Things That Will Do Your Head In”. There’s a YouTube channel too, as mentioned above, and of course, you can always visit my public speaking website here: I, Tayo: Public Speaker.

Time to crack on

Keep calm and have fun

Well, there you have it. Whichever Tayo you decide to call on for a peek behind the mask, I hope you enjoy yourself. Too, I’d like for you to find the experience illuminating as well as entertaining.

At the bottom of any article in any site, you will find a contact form. I invite you to use the form to comment freely on anything related to the article. As long as your comment isn’t illegal or slanderous, I’ll probably publish it. If you don’t wish for me to publish your comment, please ensure that you point that out at the end of your message.

Enough now. Go. Have fun.


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11 responses to “The man behind the mask”

  1. Hi Tayo! It was fun to get to know you a bit better through all these different segments that have formed part of your life. Concerning writing, I have seen that: most people that write well are not satisfied with their own writing. Probably that’s why they write well in the first place.

    Just curious: I think I have read in the past something that had a similar writting style to this post. Would you mind telling me some of the contest you won? Sorry for asking.

    • Hello, Ann.

      I know what you mean about being my own worst critic. I find that when I return to look at what I’ve written, most of the time I can hardly believe that I was the writer, it seems to awful and lacklustre. However, on a few occasions, I am happily surprised and pleased! 😊

      No, when I say I’ve won some gigs, I mean some commercial writing jobs, not contests. However, now that you’ve put the idea into my head…😉

      Thank you for visiting my website. I hope that I see you again soon.

      Kind regards,


  2. Thank you Tayo for publishing this fantastic article on the Man behind the Mask. This article is highly fascinating and filled with humor and like you wrote there are things that children shouldn’t know but only adult; there are lots of fun in there that will make you want to read it over and over again. The way you portrayed the various subtitles like the English Language Tutor looks great. Keep the good work.  

  3. Nice landing page and entertaining intro to each of your niches. Some of these look fascinating and I’d definitely be interested in a few – especially the death studies niche. I haven’t really come across a website like it – even in the age of Google. How long will it be until these sites are launched and ready to go?

    • Hello, Todd.
      Thank you for your kind comments. 
      I intend to allow each site to evolve naturally in tandem with other social media outlets I own, so I guess it will take some time before the site stops looking so sparse.
      Please feel free to check back from time to time; sooner, rather than later, I will implement a mailing list, so anyone who’s interested will be made aware whenever I publish new material.

      Thank for visiting—hope to see you again soon! 😊

      Kind regards,


  4. I, like you, have a wide range of interests (along with an extreme passion for correct English!). I’m interested to see more of each side of you in the near future. I think the death studies is both creepy and intriguing. I have looked into that topic before as well. Lastly, Toastmasters is something I wish I could have taken advantage of years ago as I always had a fear of public speaking. Thankfully it has gotten better, but I wish it had done so somewhat earlier in my life. Count me interested in what is to come! 

    • Hello, Steve. 
      Well met, good fellow!
      Since you posted your reply, I’ve created and published my I,Tayo: English Tutor website. I hope that you get a chance to pop across and pay a visit. Furthermore, I’ll be publishing I, Tayo: Public Speaker in the next week or so, complete with links to my (new, yet-to-be-created) YouTube channel.

      Death Studies: do you know who I’ve met in real life? Jenny Cockell! – she of “Yesterday’s Children” fame.I hope that there’ll be pictures and an article on the encounter in the next few months.

      As we appear to share many interests, I would love it if you could reply with a link to your website? Hey–it’s free advertising. 😉

      In these trying times, stay healthy and happy.

      Kind regards,


  5. Hello Tayo, First I want to say to you Thanks for such a beautiful website. Especially the template and color choice is great.
    Now about the article, What else should I say about your article writing is very different from other websites. I love reading every one of your articles.
    I hope I can read more beautiful articles on your side later. Thanks

    • Hi Sham.
      Thank you for your kind comments! ?
      I look forward to hosting you again soon. (In fact, I have just published an article in my website: I, Tayo: English Tutor. I hope that you pop along, read it and enjoy it.)
      Bye for now.

  6. Hello Tayo, 

    It is certainly a delight to meet you. If I didn’t know any better though, I’d say you suffer from a personality disorder 🤭🤐 (jk). But seriously, the various faces you portray are seemingly contrasting and contradictory. It’s not like there’s any relationship between a writer and toastmaster. Still, I think your works are amazing. Thanks 

    • Hello, Rhain.
      “I’d say you suffer from a personality disorder”  🤣🤣
      Funnily enough, you’re not the first to say that. 😖

      Toastmasters International is an effective-communicator and leadership organisation. Anybody can benefit from being an effective communicator, especially writers. Through my Toastmasters International membership, I have learnt to simply my writings and structure them better . It’s an amazing benefit which I’d never have guessed would come from membership of Toastmasters—nice surprise.

      Anyway, thank you for visiting, and I hope that I will see you again soon.

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